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About Us

Our Mission

We provide educational materials on the COVID-19 pandemic for medical students, by medical students, so that we and students around the world feel empowered to address the pandemic as budding clinicians, scientists, communicators, and human beings.

Our Goals

To share accurate, cohesive and contextualized educational material about COVID-19 to medical students
To serve as a structured curriculum with objectives, thought questions, and assessments that can be used in educational settings
To challenge medical students to identify and address gaps in knowledge, as well as think critically about difficult situations they may encounter
To provide an opportunity for medical students to engage in medical education and curriculum development.

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Lifelong Learning

Curriculum Leadership

You can reach all three co-chairs at [email protected]. Feel free to address specific concerns to an individual co-chair as you would like.
Co-Chair for Content Creation: Kendall Carpenter
Co-Chair for Outreach: Abby Schiff
Co-Chair for Development: Katie Shaffer
Former Chair and Founder: Michael Kochis, MD, M.Ed.